Who I am

I'm a multidisciplinary, visual oriented person with a focus on communicational design. Born as Robin Kruse in the very north of Germany, I developed interest into traveling and the ocean. Other than my favourite charackter I didn't strand on a lonely island of the caribbean, but on a wild island of visual arts in the middle of nowhere. And I felt in love with it.

My Mission

The ocean is my home and my job is the island to float on it. To make it work, I provide professional creative and conceptual solutions in different disciplines of visual communication. I can look back on four years of experience in three different companys, while one being a full-service marketing agency, where I finished my apprenticeship.

Currently I am working full-time freelance.

Print & Offline

Flyer, folder, adverts, poster – from concept over layout to printing process.


Developing a visual identity with all needed belongings.


Transmitting the desired message and emotion in an artistic way.


From portraits to campers, my brush will make it look, the way it should.


How my skills work for your communication

  • print-and-offline
    Treasure with pleasure

    Flyers, brochures, etc. are a classic way to communicate with your target group.

    Catch the eye

    To awake peoples interest, the product should have a clean or surprising appeal on it's front side, with only the main information on what the content is about.

    Less is more

    Sure there is a lot to tell, but is it really necessary? The design and information can often both benefit from keeping it simple.


    Today it is possible to technical refine the outcome of a print product in a multi-sensual way. It could be a unique paper with a special touch, gravure or even smell. I can help you, to choose the right method for your print product.

  • rk-branding
    Drawn in sand

    Developing a whole visual identity is one of more complex tasks.


    Before the visual identity can be drawn out, the core values of the company needs to be pinned down. A good strategy is the key to stand out from the competition. I can help you in this process.


    Once these values are clear, it is time to develope a visual concept which communicates those values. This goes from typeface, over color, to image styles.


    With all this information the last step to create the logo, business card and paper etc., is sure to be a sucess and make the brand go shine.

  • illustration drawing
    Dream on

    Illustrations can be used in various ways and media. Wallpaper or cover are some of the more common appearances. One of the strengths of an illustration is the powerful emotionality it may contain.

    Worth it

    Illustrations can take a lots of time. Before the conception is made, the first step is to critically look if an illustration is worthwhile. It also needs to be considered in which media it should appear.

    Sketches, Moods, Ideas

    If that is all set, it is time to decide how the illustration may look like in the end. Therefore some research and sketches are made.

    Back and forth

    After all of this it is time to pull the resources together and realize the previous thoughts. In some cases it is usefull to keep the layout going back and forth with the client while in progress. This can save a lot of time, implementing no undesired elements from the start.

On the radar

Other services


Websites, Presentations, eMagazines

In certain cases I can also provide digital products. Websites are one of the more frequent things, I get asked about. I can do smaller web presences including the content management system (CMS) squarespace. With this CMS I can setup a website more quickly, while it is easy for costumers to implement new content (like pictures, news etc.). But remember: content comes first, so some discussion about what and how should be displayed is necessary.

  • Comparably fast constructing
  • Including intuitive content mangement system Squarespace
  • Free Domain
  • Responsive website for state of the art media

Want to see examples?! Have a look. VIEW PORTFOLIO

β€œIt is never too late to be wise.”

― Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe


Robinson Krusoe is a designer and artist from germany, focusing on branding, print design and conceptual illustrations.


You can contact me over mail or phone.
e-mail info@robinsonkrusoe.com
phone +(49) 176 931 647 02